Want to get more Energy and more Vibrant skin from the smoothies you already drink? Discover the hidden power of micronized nutrients!



Regular Shakes Do Close to Nothing For You!

According to Men's Health Magazine, here's a crazy statistic;


On conventional water mixed, hand-shaken protein shakes- only 20% of the protein and nutrients is absorbed by the body


...20% !!!


And when the water is substituted with milk that number raises to 26%

But why so low still?

One of the reasons is why is because, unlike conventional foods like steak, chicken, cheese, yogurt, salads, vegetables etc - liquids race down your stomach way too fast for your stomach to grab all the nutrients quickly enough while theyre passing down.

There are TWO main ways to improve nutrient absorption. The first way to improve nutrient absorption from smoothies is to SLOWD DOWN the speed at which the smoothies run down your stomach. You can do this by making your smoothies thicker...less watery and more towards yogurt consistency. That is one way.

The other method is to IMPROVE the absorption of your smoothies, so that even if it does pass through your stomach quickly, your body will still be able to effectively absorb it. One of the best ways to do that is by MICRONIZING nutrient particles before eating them.

What is Micronization?

Micronization is the process to reduce the average diameter of a solid material particle. Micronized particles are typically considered to be 50 microns (1/20th of a millimetre) or smaller. The smaller the particles get, the more fluid they're able to touch at the same time.

Micronization technology has been used for over 50 years in the pharmaceutical and supplement industries in order to increase the bioavailability of nutrients in pills and supplements.

Bodybuilders have discovered it since the 90's that the micronized version creatine (a workout supplement) is vastly superior to it's non-micronized counterpart.


How Does Micronization Improve Nutrient Absorption?


Remember when your grandma told you to take your time to chew your food into tiny pieces when you were younger? The smaller the food particles that enter your stomach, the easier that you will be able to absorb it's nutrients into your body. This same concept holds true even at a microscopic levels.

One way to increase the bioavailability and absorption rate of a nutrient or vitamin and to increase its dissolution rate in the gastrointestinal tract is to reduce the particle size, so that the nutrient is able to touch more liquid and consequently be better assimilated and absorbed by the body.


Does Micronization make a tangible difference or is it just a Sales Gimmick?


As I told you earlier, Bodybuilders since the 90's have been seeking out to buy the high end micronized creatine over the regular one because it actually gets absorbed by the body and used better. And they wouldn't keep buying it for all those years unless it made a real tangible difference.

As a matter of fact, it is widely accepted on social media, youtube, and every supplement store that micronized creatine is heaps and bounds better than it's non-micronised counterpart.

Users that try both report a night and day difference between the two with tangible bennefits for the micronized counterpart... better performance and muscle fullness without the bloating!...and that's two creatines with the same ingredient but one is micronized and the other isn't!

If you're still not sure how big of a difference micronisation makes, then take a minute to see for yourself and watch this 3rd party video below;

CREATINE                                                MICRONISED CREATINE


The HURRYCANE achieves this by combining its high revving CNC-machined double bearing turbine with the most powerful 3 horsepower engine that will be compatible with a conventional wall plug. Thus giving its laser sharp blades a total speed of over 703km/h.



This kind of speed makes the HURRYCANE blender the most powerful blender of it's kind! Sure, there are quieter blenders out there. But when it comes to speed, practicality and dependability, nothing else comes even close!


"Spins so fast it's
almost scary!"

Before I got mine I've shopped and shopped around some more. I've had a Vitamix but wanted to see if there was anything better and that's when I've stumbled on this little machine. I'm happy with my purchase, nothing comes even remotely close to the performance that this blender offers!


Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher
San Antonio, Texas, USA





And Finer Smoothies Means Nutrients Get More Easily Absorbed By Your Body !!


Hurrycane Specs Overview:

  • Industry Leading 3HP Motor for Unmatched Total Crushing Power
  • Ultra High-Revving, 42'000 RPM+ CNC-Machined double bearing Turbine for unmached blade speed
  • Laser-Cut stainless steel blades for ultra-fine cutting and nutrient micronization
  • Overheat protection for continuous all-day, non-stop commercial use.
  • Insulated construction for noise reduction
  • Zero-Effort, Self-Cleaning BPA-Free Food grade 2L jug
  • Adjustable speed and adjustable timer (mechanical controls for high reliability)
  • "Built Like A Tank" :  Heavy duty, no expenses sparred quality construction for decades of flawless performance


"The Performance and build quality is really top notch!"

I've had another commercial blender for a long period of time. When it finally gave in, I've decided to get a Hurrycane. The performance and build quality is really top notch! What surprised me even more was how good the build quality of this machine is.


Gerry Weegar
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



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That's why I've created this easy Recipe book. It will only take you a minute to get the bennefits mentionned above in a delicious, enjoyable drink that you can take with you anywhere!

Smoothies bought from your local cafe can add up to thousands a year and not even provide any of the benefits you want... while getting a machine that costs more and does not unlock your smoothie's full potential is just another missed opportunity.

Investing in yourself is the best investment that you can ever make, don't make your body wait any longer and join our list of happy customers only wonder why they didn't buy sooner!


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  • If the blender does not perform as advertised or something wrong with it occurs, I can get a replacement or refund at any point during the next 10 years.

YES! I want the Hurrycane to take my Health and Beauty to the Next Level!

  • I understand I will be billed $697 today to receive my Hurrycane blender with free express shipping.
  • I will receive instant access to the cookbook while my blender is on the way to my home.
  • If the blender does not perform as advertised or something wrong with it occurs, I can get a replacement or refund at any point during the next 10 years.


REG. PRICE  $7̶9̶7̶  JUST $697

P.S. After your payment goes through, we will receive your order and ship your new Hurrycane within the next 24 hours (orders placed before noon usually ship on the same day)


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